The Palestinian Media Education Foundation (PMEF) is a new non-profit devoted to helping explain the Palestinian story to a wider audience.

We will track all the stories covering Gaza and the West Bank.

Building on a new platform—PalestineDeepDive—we are working with other like-minded groups to promote existing content and finding ways to encourage more reporting and analysis.

PMEF is dedicated to the dissemination of news and information. We will focus on reporting from Palestine, providing the support and resources needed to encourage Palestinian youth to pursue careers in journalism.

Over the course of the next year, two - four young Palestinian journalists will be identified and offered training either via distance learning or on campus at a UK or USA journalism program.  

The board members who have already signed up include some of the most respected figures in their fields. 

They include:

Mike Hanna(former CNN Jerusalem Bureau Chief),

Mark Seddon(UN Media Advisor)

Nahedah Zayed(experienced broadcaster and digital journalist for numerous networks, including Al Jazeera).

PMEF will look to increase both the reach and depth of Palestinian reporting. We will encourage it in the Palestinian Territories and we will also carry out visits to editorial boards on both sides of the Atlantic.

We thank you for your support and interest—without donations and
in-kind contributions this work would not be possible.

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